There are certain apps that let you earn some money every time you perform a task. So if you spend a lot of your time on your smartphone, then it can be a desirable option for you.

There is an app called SquadRun. It gives you a task that tries to figure out your strengths according to your answers. After that, you will be assigned tasks based on it.

Apps like Mcent give you money every time you use their app for tasks like recharging your number. You also make money when you watch some ads. You can also refer your friends and make them download this app to increase your earnings.

If you like to eat outside often, this can be helpful for you. There are apps like Yumchek. All you need to do is upload receipts of the restaurant that you visited.

Every time you upload a receipt for a meal, you will get some money added to your account. The app has another feature that also allows you to search for restaurants close to you.

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